Tesanga City

Tesanga city was once one of the most luxurious places in West Africa, offering a vibrant and pleasurable lifestyle. However, this all changed when the West Africa Militia and the Tesanga Republic's Army collided when their cease-fire agreement was broken.

Layout and SettingEdit

The dock area of Tesanga city is remnicent of an old British naval fort, with two key stone buildings, mostly in ruins, on a walkway with cannons facing out towards the beach and the sea. The beach itself is a long strech of golden sand with shabby sunroofs and shacks built onto it. However, their is heavy conflict on the shore and most of these constructs are ablaze.

Inside the actual city itself, their are a mass of buildings and apartments, coloured in yellows, oranges and reds. Many of these can be entered. On the streets, cars and other vehicles sit idle, abandoned by their owners. Barriers and walls are set up around many of the roadsand streets to stop traffic, and people from entering or exiting specific areas. In some parts of the city, their are fully-grown trees planted in organised entrenchments.

Posters cover many of the walls and barricades around Tesanga, seeking the votes of the people in an election. The leader of the Tesanga Republic Army, General Okoro, appears to have been a nominee.

A Network supply point is located in a large aparment buidling, containing a terminal and crates presumably filled with guns, ammunition and explosives. C4 can be obtained from this location.

The Civil WarEdit

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The war-torn streets of Tesanga city.

Tensions between two major factions, the West Africa Militia and the Tesanga Republic's Army were high throughout the area. However, a cease-fire had been declared and, apparently, negotiations were to be taken into consideration by both sides.

But this progression towards peace would not last: The Target, utilizing General Okoro and several high-ranking Militia leaders as agents, provoked each side enough to resume the fighting, both factions unaware that The Target was aiding their enemies as well.

The Militia killed a detachment of the Army, resuming the conflict and tearing the Tesanga Republic apart.